Hello ladies and gentlemen… Wow that was way too formal! Hello friends sound a lot better. So friends I had a deep thought the other day, what makes a gluten free diet actually healthier? Well I have done a lot of digging and research on the subject at hand. My conclusion is thorough and I am pretty proud of myself!

There are many things actually that makes a gluten free diet more preferable and it’s not just a better diet for someone who has celiac like myself, it’s good for everyone. What I found interesting was that this diet is very beneficial for those suffering from thyroid disease, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, anemia, autism, and irritable bowel syndrome. I was in shock to see how getting rid of gluten in your diet can help so many different problems! For all you fitness geeks, it is also valuable for those who are wishing to lose weight.

You know when you go to the grocery store and you walk down the snack isle, I can guarantee that 90% of those snacks are processed and contain gluten. We all know fresh, healthy green food is the way to go these days but I know at some point we have all given in and had that chocolate bar, because I have and I can tell you one thing, it was really good. My point is that once in a while a treat is not a bad thing, in fact I think its essential.

Gluten is actually a protein found in grains like rye, wheat, malt and barley that are part of the carbohydrates, which is found in most of our foods that we eat daily. Yes, it’s not good for people who have celiac but having too much of it for the average person isn’t good either. I was looking through the grocery store and checking out the ingredients for BBQ sauce (which happens to be my favorite, of all sauces) anyways there was GLUTEN of all things in there! Really they put gluten in sauce, and they even have it in meat as FILLER! So your not even getting all meat, for all anyone knows its only a quarter part meat, that’s not only arip off but it’s a disgrace to meat everywhere. I’m sure vegetarians are laughing at this but for all meat lovers out there this sucks! So make me a promise everyone, check those labels!


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  1. This article is superb! I read your article and thought I’d tell you that I think your presentation is excellent and your views are right on track. I can’t imagine anyone putting this together better.

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