Hello everyone! Today I will explain and write about a personalized towel commercial. Hope you enjoy!

The video will start off black and white to help differentiate how the character is feeling because in the middle of the commercial it will go to color.  It starts off with phones are ringing there are people walking around with work in their hands, looking flustered, like in any work environment.  Then the camera would focus on the character Will in his cubicle; he’s looking around and is trying to get this huge coffee stain off his white shirt and has a huge stack of papers on his desk he is procrastinating, because we all know if we all had that much work we would be procrastinating too. Will lies back in his office chair gets comfy and slowly but soundly falls asleep. The scene is slowly turning back to color and in his dreams he gets pulled through this vortex backwards and pops into this serene atmosphere.

Amazing soft white light glowing all around he is in a spa surrounding, he’s wondering what’s happening and where he is but calmly he feels relaxed. The camera slowly captures him from behind in just in pure amazement where he is; the camera is rotating around him about 180 degrees. As the camera follows, he walks over and smells the beautiful sweet pungent scent of the vivid azure blue hydrangeas in the spectacular towering crystal vases in the corner of the room. As he is breathing in the scents, out of the corner of his eye to the left of him he sees an eye-catching lustrous silver gift box with silk platinum ribbon cascading around it.As he slowly approaches the marble table with the gift box his senses are drawn to the open window with softly blowing white sheer curtains with the amazing scenery of a spectacular oceanfront with the salty misty breeze. He looks at the gift tag and it’s for him, and excitedly Will slowly unties the ribbon and sets it aside with the camera shooting this scene as a close up. Will takes the top of the box lid off and sees crisp ivory tissue paper, as he unwraps the gift he pulls out a stunning monogramed personalized towel with his name on it. Under the towel though shows an amazingly soft and wonderfully made personalized bathrobe. He gets so excited for his new gifts and quickly puts the robe on and folds up the towel. Remembering he has no idea where he is, Will walks out of the serene room and in a blink of an eye he is back in his office; with this time everything is in color.

With the door closed behind him he quickly opens it again and realized it’s only an office supply room now. But with his new personalized bathrobe on he is happy as ever! Even though his co-workers are all walking by and giving him weird looks to as why is he walking out of the supply closet with a bathrobe on with a personalized towel in his hand still with his work clothes on underneath? A lady walks by and stops and says “ Will, why are you wearing a bathrobe?” and Will responds back saying, “I have no idea but I love this personalized towel! I wish I had it earlier when I spilled coffee on my shirt”. The commercial ends with Will walking back to his now not so dull cubicle and is finally getting back to work and is still in his personalized bathrobe and with his personalized towel by his side.

This would be the commercial I would make for personalized towels. Hope you enjoyed!

Written by: Elexis Wadden

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