This past Friday on May 17, 2013 was my 14th dance recital with Selkirk Dance. It was amazing, I was in four dances this year, competitive lyrical, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. I started dancing at the age of 3, with tap and creative movement. When I was in tap my dance group danced to the Pokémon theme song! I was Squirtle, I was so happy because it was a cute little yellow and sparkly bodysuit with a picture of Squirtle on the front. I danced at one of the local schools in either a classroom or the gym but they had to lay down these huge wooden boards because we couldn’t use our tap shoes on the other floor.  The best part was when my dance teacher and her assistant would give us stickers; I still have that little kitty notebook filled with those stickers. They also used to right down the dance cerography so we could practice at home.

When I was about my fourth year into dancing I had no idea if I wanted to go into jazz or ballet. It was a hard decision to make when I was little if I wanted to still be a ballerina. So I ended up going back and forth from the two for a couple of years until my parents let me go into both! Happiest year ever, I got to learn two dances that I both equally loved. My jazz classes were so cool, one dance we danced to the song “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid movie, and I can tell you, that was my favorite movie of all time, I still have all the movies including in VHS. Another one of my dances I was a pirate dancing to one of the songs from Pirates of the Caribbean. My dance teacher had this really cool move called the “meat-hook”. She still uses it today in my jazz routines and it never gets old, some of my best memories are from when I was learning a new dance.

I think we all have a special thing in our lives that we look forward to and make us forget about those worries we have floating in the back of our minds. My special thing is dance, it has been that one constant thing in my life that I have always been apart of and it has always been apart ofme. I think one of my greatest worries as I get older is that life will get too busy for dance or I will get too old to be apart of it. I think I need to remember that if its something you love enough than there will always be time for it. I worry a lot and if your one of those people who do too, look at the positives you have in life, dance, art, music, sports, or even math, who knows!  Just remind yourself or even someone you know and take the things that you love and put them in the front of your mind, not the in the back. You should never have to put the thongs you love in the back seat f your life, never compromise the things you love for something less.  These are the things I always try and live by, because I know if I don’t there will be a part of me missing.

Written by: Elexis Wadden

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