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That is why my dream vacation with S-Trip! would be to go on an amazing student trip to London, England! This would be a great place to travel to see many different historical sights, do lots and lots of picture taking with my high school friends as a grad trip and just have the best experience of a lifetime. I would for sure take my best friends Brooke and Jade; they always know how to have a good time! We would totally enjoy the food and the shopping because lets face it, we’re girls, we love to shop!

I would want to start off with a wonderful guided sightseeing tour of London. That would include seeing the Tower of London, London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and of course Trafalgar Square. These would be perfect places for my friends and I to take some amazing pictures. One of the things I dream of going to is an evening theatre performance in the West End. Cool fact coming up… London has over 80 mainstream theatres – the largest number in the world!

My friends, who are my fellow Harry Potter lovers would most definitely want to go on a Warner Bros. studio tour, we would travel to Leavesden to visit the studio where the Harry Potter films were shot. We would have so much fun seeing the Great Hall where the characters ate their meals and maybe even see Diagon Alley. By that point we would all be like squealing fan girls screaming out “OMG this is where Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort”.

Having a free afternoon to stroll around in London is a must! To be able to visit the Hard Rock Café would be fabulous. Something that both my friends and I would enjoy would be to go to Madame Trussaud’s Chamber of Horrors, now that would be cool. I can imagine my friends and my phones would have over a thousand pictures by now, perfect for putting in a scrapbook!

I would like to say my closet has a never-ending array of space but unfortunately it doesn’t, but I choose to ignore it because my friends and I love to shop! In fact we are experts at it, we would take a wonderful walk along Oxford Street and visit all the lovely shops they have there. Last but not least I would want to step inside St. Paul’s Cathedral and take in some of the history and enjoy taking some really cool pictures of all the amazing architectural details.   If you know what the outside architecture looks like then you can imagine the inside!


I think it would be a wonderful adventure traveling with my friends. Your whole life you basically live at home, go to school and rely on your parents to get you a new bottle of shampoo when you run out. Out in the real world when you’re on your own and not relying on your parents would be so exciting and a whole new world for you to discover. To be able to experience that with your friends would be just perfect. Besides if you get lost on a trip at least you will have your friends to get lost with!

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