Yesterday I attended the event Look Good Feel Better Makeover Event for cancer care at ShoppersDrug Mart. I approached them to ask if they would like me to help out for the day because I wanted to go to the event anyways but thought it would so much cooler if I could get involved myself. Its a great cause because it was created from the belief that if woman with cancer can be helped to lookgood, with helping to achieve confidence, lift her spirits and take control of her life again with being empowered to face her illness with her new found confidence. They are the only national charity that addresses the appearance-related effects of all cancer women. From my point of view this is so important, I can’t imagine how much these woman go through each day, between the chemo therapy and treatments being able to feel beautiful is hard.

The Makeover Event provided free makeovers and skin consultations, gift giveaways, also free samples and refreshments. I was lucky to hand out the free samples of perfumes and skin products, it’s amazing how much people love those samples, including me. One of my friends was giving free mini manicures and there were so many little girls that were just itching to get one done, even the moms wanted one. Many of those moms bought ballets to the gift giveaway baskets and so did many other generous people. I can’t blame them though; some of those gifts were amazing. Its really remarkable how much this event will help so many people with cancer care, 5 dollars from each of the ballots bought went to that cause. I was really happy because the ballot holders for each prize were to the point where it was overflowing!



Written by: Elexis Wadden

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