Hello everyone! So recently I took another visit to one of the top ten beautiful beaches in North America, our very own Grand Beach, located on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have had many wonderful childhood memories on this beach including all of the exciting activities that are available at your fingertips. Families, tourists, locals, come from any where around to have the best experience of rolling forested country side of the great Manitoba plains with the spectacular white sandy beaches and the incredibly impressive powder fine sand dunes, I could live here! I can guarantee you won’t find anything like this for miles, and I definitely cant. This place puts Manitoba on the map; it has beaten out some of the best beaches anywhere in North America. Who would expect, cause I cant Manitoba of all places to have a little bit of the fresh outdoor forestry and a little bit of the very similar white sandy beaches of Mexico. It’s what everyone these days are looking for in a vacation destination without the expensive plane ticket, and for me it’s only a short drive away! It is only 67 km’s from my house!

I love the amazing landscape, especially the spectacular sunsets over the lake make me want to live in the moment and just remember how much I love the great outdoors. Plus any season is a great time to hang with friends and family. Autumn I find brings tranquility and magnificent fall colors. Winter, my favorite season is a wonderland of pure wilderness, and who cant forget spring, which bursts into life with wildflowers, fresh green forests and the best part of all the return of the Great Blue Heron, Canada Geese, Pelicans, Osprey, and Eagles, and I cant forget the migrating birds that call this home.  There are activities to suit any season, which appeals to any age with something for anyone including you. You would think the beach area is deserted in the wintertime, but in fact its not.  Many people including me come by to go ice fishing, snowmobiling, and much more. My favorite summer activity as a Miss Teen is to go lay on the beach to sunbathe and get a nice tan. Lets face it; I’m as white as the sugar you put in your coffee, and definitely as sweet. One of things I always make sure to do is to hydrate and protect my skin with sunscreen and a hat. Something you may not know about Manitoba is just how hot it can get, it makes going to Grand Beach like going to an exotic destination. I wont leave out one of my favorite things, the shopping!!! They have the best little shops and carts filled with the cutest sundresses, jewelry and there’s even things for the guys too. There is always something there for anyone and everyone. I once bought this blue white and pink sundress there, it had everything I would ever want in a sundress. I still have it to this day!


You know when you have been in the sun all day when you’re shopped out, and the water and fruit is just not cutting it, there is an amazing food place right on the board walk. They make anything from ice cream to the best burger; my favorite is their fries.  Grand Beach definitely is the place that brings in people from miles around. It has everything I want to complete my sunny days or even the ice-cold days that come year round. So make sure Grand Beach is on your to-do list this summer cause I know it’s on mine!

 This post is part of the blog assignment challenges we are assigned to thank the sponsors of MTC-W 2013. Thank you Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge.


Written by: Elexis Wadden

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