Hello everyone, day 3 at nationals was a dream come true, plus it aloud me to take a few things off my bucket list.


It started off with my roommate and I waking up at 4 in the morning, but the best part was… drum role please! I got to be on Breakfast Television in Toronto with my fellow pageant girls!!! I can remember like it was yesterday, well actually it was pretty much yesterday, we took a ride on the bus, got to the fabulous studio and got to meet the host, take a few pictures and also got to be on live television!


Next since everyone hadn’t eaten yet that morning, we went to the best café ever and got some great breakfast. We got bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns; sad part was that I couldn’t have the toast or the hash browns because they both had gluten contained in them! That’s ok though I filled up on protein.


We then went to the amazing CN Tower in Toronto; I honestly couldn’t believe how huge it was! We went up into the elevator which is the longest elevator ride I have ever had, I thought it was really cool especially the part where I looked down and scared myself because there was a portion of the elevator that was only glass!


Once we got to the top it was extravagant and so the employees were so helpful too, I quite enjoyed the glass floor there too. One of my Manitoba pageant buddies helped me get over my fear of the glass breaking and I even sat on it, as you can see in the lovely photo below.We did a few takes of video clips and pictures and headed back to the bus. I just couldn’t wait to blog about it, so I made sure I got some good photos to share!

Omg! A glass floor!

So one of the things I didn’t even expect to happen totally happened. A scavenger hunt! Just imagine 65 teenage girls running through The Distillery District, vying to find these little Miss Teen Canada- World tickets. Sadly all the other girls got them all but it was an amazing experience. Plus I was in love with this sculpture in the center of the district! We ate lunch, and by the way it was amazing, we ate and Café Uno and got some gluten free and vegan burgers!!!! I was so happy with that meal just to say.

I never would have thought a year ago I would be in a pageant, but here I am writing this blog!


We were given the chance to go to Costa Blanca with a $50 gift card and shop! I had the best time there, clothes were amazing, prices were amazing, especially their sale they had that day, and all us pageant girls were in retail heaven! Once I paid for the items I bought I was able to change in the bathroom for a new, edgy, outfit for Much Music!  Yes I said it, Much Music the television channel…well to be honest I wrote it as you can see. Much Music was fantastic! We got to meet Lauren Toyota, which was awesome! She is so nice and an amazing host of coarse!

My day was!!! I hope you’re able to vote for me and comment as much as you can!

Elexis Wadden Miss Teen Eastern Manitoba- World 2013

Written by: Elexis Wadden

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  1. Karen says:

    Hey Elexis! You sound like you’re having an incredible time. I am so happy for you sweety. 😉
    I am telling everyone I meet to vote for you!!! Good Luck
    Love you. Mom

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