Earlier today I was at the Red River Ex, one of the best amusement parks in Manitoba. I was there as a judge for the extreme dog grooming competition, and lets just say its turned out amazing! There were so many different dogs and owners competing this year. The first prizewinner won cash prize and few little doggy goodies, the first place winner was a poodle that was themed as a bear. It was so creative, the groomer/owner had to cut his hair every three days for about 3 months to be able to have his hair shaped into ears. The best part was when they even had their own backdrop and the groomers and owners were dressed up as park rangers! Some of the other winners were a bumblebee, and one of the dogs had a variety of bugs shaped out of the dog’s hair, there are some amazing ideas and a lot of effort that goes into these competitions, and I love it! I even got to meet Bubba from 102.3 Clear FM, he was an awesome judge and also a very funny guy. Alyssa, Miss Teen Manitoba-World 2013 and I got to take a couple pictures with him, which was great!

So way earlier today I was on my way to the Red River Ex when my mom and I plus my little sister Clare were driving down the highway and all of a sudden all the cars in front of us plus our car comes to a complete stop! I thought there was an accident up ahead, but actually there about four geese and a million little fluffy baby geese in the middle of the road crossing the street, at first I thought they were ducks but turns out they weren’t. So it got me thinking we all need to pay more attention to these little guys during the warmer months of the year because this is there planet too. It’s so important we keep out eyes on the road, our pollution in its designated areas and our oceans, lakes, and rivers clean.

We cant forget today was father day either! I know I’m all over the place today but it was such a great day! Most of it was but I was a little down because I didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with my dad. Right now he is a thousand miles away on the otherside of the country in British Columbia and it’s very important to spend the time you have with your parents because you should never take that for granted. I love my dad, he is the best, he would do anything for my sister and I would do the same for him. It gets hard some times because of the time differences and also finding the time to call one another with our busy schedules. My dad has taught me so much, over the years and even though he is far away he still continues to teach me things in life My dad my sister and I went to Mexico for spring break and I had the best time ever!  I got to spend a lot of good quality family time with my dad and it’s a time that I won’t forget.

Written by: Elexis Wadden

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  1. Cameron wadden says:

    Great article Elexis! You teach me so much also 🙂 love you xoxo Daddy

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