My school has an annual art show each year, comprising of works of art from students of all grades in different classes of advertising art and fine art. This year the art show was filled with amazing art from huge sculptures to a small painting or photograph. Each student put an enormous amount of effort and themselves into their own works of art. The art show is generally held in the “The Pit”, an open area where students usually hang out during lunch hour, located beside the theatre in the school. Since grade 10 I have had my artwork displayed, its very exciting when your teacher lets you know that you have done an amazing job and thy would like to have your masterpiece on display!


One of the hobbies and interests I have is art, I absolutely love to paint with watercolors and also acrylic. Art has been very important since I was little. Most of the work or assignments we do in our art classes have themes or general direction the teacher would like you to follow. One of those assignments was to create a narrative piece drawing or painting. From past assignments I have always procrastinated- silly me, so just like the in the past I procrastinated and left the actual starting of the project to the last minute, the thing I didn’t realize is that it isn’t about procrastinating, its about that I have so many ideas. So I have started o take those ideas and trust my instincts.

This project took me about 4 hours roughly to complete and it turned out fantastic! If you aren’t quite sure what it represents take some time and think of the possibilities of a story line that fits your interest, think of it as a guessing game that can go on forever. Another one of my pieces of art I have created another one from an assignment is my hero assignment. My hero was my sister Clare. She has always been there for when I needed her most, she is very strong for being so young and I admire her a lot. It shows many sides of her and thisis one of the projects that I didn’t procrastinate a lot on, which I was pretty proud of myself for doing so.  

I am very fortunate to have the opportunities to have an art class and go to school, or go to the local art gallery, whereas a lot of children and youth will never have that opportunity to do so. That’swhy there are amazing organizations out there that support those causes and make it aware that not everyone has a phone or clean water. One of those organizations is Free The Children, they do so much and give so much of themselves to support and give back to those children that don’t have great life situations in different countries. I will be fundraising money for them up to the national pageant and putting together fundraisers, the minimum I need to raise $400, in reality that isn’t much, but it goes a long way for those children in need.



Written by: Elexis Wadden

3 Responses to A…..A…..Art!

  1. Karen says:

    Great art showing Elexis! Loved your water colour!!! Keep up your great work for @FreeTheChildren

  2. Marcella Bezdietny says:

    Your art work is amazing. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts…let me know how I can personally help in supporting your cause…Free the Children.

  3. Cameron says:

    Great Job Elexis, your art work has always taken me by surprise which makes it very exciting!

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