Right now I have major writers block, and when I do my mind builds up this huge wall. Usually when I get writers block it’s because I have a lot going on and way too much for one mortal to do. Well today unfortunately it’s both, there is a lot to do to get ready for the national pageant including my fundraiser for Free The Children and my huge blog assignment that needs to be done for July. Oh, and did I mention getting my dance routine together for the talent night during the national pageant week in Toronto, as well as I have final exams for school coming up and projects that need to be completed. Those are just a few examples, but I have a special way of getting past feeling overwhelmed that I would like to share with you, and here are the steps I take:

#1. First I make a list, not just one list but a couple of them consisting of the different things that I have going on. For example these are some of my categories, including…

  • Pageant
  • School
  • Volunteer Work
  • Miscellaneous

For “Pageant” I would put the things surrounding what I need to do for it, for  example; fundraiser, dance routine, dress, blog, and so on. The point is to make categories of the biggest thing on your mind and then expand on it. Sometimes I even go as far as to leave notes about the specific person I might need to call about setting something up and the questions or points that I need to cover like setting up my fundraiser.

#2.  Second I prioritize. This is probably the most important step because this helps determine what needs to get done first. For this you should get your day planner out or your calendar or even your phone some people I know use their calendar on their phones. Look at the things on your list and pick a category, pick the biggest one or the one that needs to be completed the soonest to get it out of the way first.  Once you do that start to mark down the due dates of things that have to get done by that day. For the ones that don’t have a due date that’s when you need to decide how important it is and if it’s a due date is that far away like my big blog assignment and choose days where your going to work on it.

The whole idea of prioritizing is to let yourself know what needs to get done now, because if you don’t know you have an exam next week and you didn’t give yourself time to study then your in the hole and might just need to pull an all-nighter of studying…. I do not recommend doing that! That’s why I have given you these tips, because if they help me out then maybe they will help you.

#3. Third and last get ready to get your work on! For this step you need a clean workspace, a clean mind and a glass of water…because we both know you probably need to drink more water on a day like this… or not. Focus on the things that you have prioritized and that need to get done first, and I hate to say it but just let yourself forget about your other worries for the moment and do the best job you can on this one. Then when you’re done or have done the most you can do with it, then go back to the prioritized list and start from there again. One Down!!!

Things may get tough and we all know it can, and possibly go through it everyday at some point, but if you can take control of the simple things, your one step closer to feeling a little less stressed out. Guess what? I now feel less stressed out about getting my blog post all done for this week! I hope these few tips help you as much as they help me.

Enjoy your week!

Written by: Elexis Wadden

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